PIAA Lights the Way for a Third Consecutive Rally Championship

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PIAA and Subaru Combine for a 3rd Championship

Subaru Rally Team USA and PIAA Lights is a Championship Formula The final round of the Rally America circuit did not disappoint. The PIAA lights were a big reason for their 13.6 second lead going into the next day, and something that ensured Block would have to take risks. It cost him, halfway through the rally Block rolled his car while pushing a little too hard trying to make up ground. Effectively taking him out of the race and ensuring Subaru Rally Team USA’s win, as the trophy on Subaru Rally Team USA’s mantle proves it.

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PIAA's Return to SEMA will Not Disappoint.

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After a 7-year absence, the PIAA is returning to the SEMA show with an exhibit that is bigger than ever, and will feature a host of new products and new technologies in auxiliary lighting products and wiper blades. PIAA exhibit will span an impressive 30’x30’ with a new and dramatic booth design. The booth is representative of the creativity and innovation that have been taking place in the company’s R&D labs, and provides an appropriate showcase for PIAA’s lighting and wiping products,...

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PIAA Lights are Leading The Way For Subauru & FY Racing at Ojibwe Rally

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The Rally America National Championship racing calendar is about to heat up here real soon. On August 23-24 the sixth round kicks off with the Ojibwe Forests Rally. And PIAA is proud to be sponsoring two teams competing in the race this year, the Subaru Rally Team USA and the FY Racing Team.The location for the Ojibwe Forests Rally is set amidst the towering cedar trees and picturesque lakes of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. This is the first time the race has been held there, but many drivers know...

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ATV_UTV _Tech Reviews PIAA LP 570 LED Lights.

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If you spend anytime riding at all you have without a doubt been out riding at night. Night riding is great! high daytime temperatures normal drop significantly at night. Besides, there is just something cool about riding at night. The only downside is most ATVs and UTVs have only marginal headlamps and to make matters worse their charging systems are poor in stock form so often times upgrading to high power lighting is not an option. That's where PIAA comes in with their new LP 570 Reflector...

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