PIAA Lights the Way for a Third Consecutive Rally Championship

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Subaru Rally Team USA and PIAA Lights is a Championship Formula The final round of the Rally America circuit did not disappoint.

Lake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR) finished in dramatic fashion with Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew crowned champions. This marks Subaru Rally Team USA’s 3rd straight Rally National Championship. It caps off a stellar year for the team, and one that’s likely to continue well into 2014.

It looked to be a neck-and-neck duel between Higgins and rival competitor Ken Block, the same two racers that have been battling all season. Block had to beat Higgins to take the season, and all the pressure was on him. The two teams drove all out as a result, and with disastrous consequences.

What was a really critical about the race were the night stages, and this is where Higgins made his move. By the time the last rays of daylight were fading away, Block was up by 8.6 seconds over Higgins. To take the day Higgins would have to hit the track all out, something that wasn’t easy, but became more so because of the powerful racing lights from PIAA.

The track was both slick and foggy, but with the PIAA lights on the car Higgins had the confidence outmaneuver Block in the pitch dark. And it’s not like that’s something that happened right away, either. The two battled it out over 2 night stages, but in the end Subaru Rally Team USA pulled off the win, thanks in no small part to their PIAA racing lights.

The PIAA lights were a big reason for their 13.6 second lead going into the next day, and something that ensured Block would have to take risks. It cost him, halfway through the rally Block rolled his car while pushing a little too hard trying to make up ground. Effectively taking him out of the race and ensuring Subaru Rally Team USA’s win, as the trophy on Subaru Rally Team USA’s mantle proves it.

PIAA Sponsorship

At PIAA Corporation we’re proud to be sponsoring these great Subaru racing teams. We manufacture only the best racing lights and racing professionals all agree they’re top of the line.

PIAA lights aren’t confined to the race course, either. Our lenses are computer designed to withstand the rough and tumble road conditions that you’ll find on the Rally America National Championship circuit. But they’re also designed to get you to and from your destination safely and effectively. After all, if one of the leading race teams in America uses them during grueling racing conditions, shouldn’t you be as well?

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