We built our reputation with race proven products. We became an industry leader due to our commitment to build high quality products using solid design and construction from only the best materials, photometric engineering that results in lighting that makes a difference. PIAA has been lighting the way for winners in all types of Motorsports including the Baja 1000, 24 Hours of Daytona, Lemans, Dakar, Moto GP, Formula 1, and many more.

Night riding can be a dangerous and stressful activity for many riders. It becomes more difficult to see hazards and other vehicles have a harder time seeing you. If you ride off-road at night, it can slow your pace down as you struggle to see the differences in the terrain. Night riding can also be quite exhilarating, but only if you have a set of performance auxiliary lights to make a big difference in your night riding vision. PIAA offers a wide variety of halogen and LED lighting in various shapes and sizes so you can See and be Seen.