ATV_UTV _Tech Reviews PIAA LP 570 LED Lights.

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If you spend anytime riding at all you have without a doubt been out riding at night. Night riding is great! high daytime temperatures normal drop significantly at night. Besides, there is just something cool about riding at night. The only downside is most ATVs and UTVs have only marginal headlamps and to make matters worse their charging systems are poor in stock form so often times upgrading to high power lighting is not an option. That's where PIAA comes in with their new LP 570 Reflector Facing LED lights.

By reversing the LED and redirecting the beam with the reflector, PIAA is able to provide off-roaders with a highly efficient beam of light that surpasses the competition's standard LED lighting with far less draw on your charging system. Each lamp uses only two 5 watt LED bulbs to provide you with a super bright 6000k output! Wrap all this light power in a tuff, ultra-thin cast aluminum housing and you have one of the best light for your night time riding needs. After all Mike Penland depends on PIAA for his lighting needs when racing in Baja! If they perform in Baja under the speeds Mike runs when racing they are sure to withstand anything most of us will ever encounter on our average trail ride.

Getting the LP 570's mounted on our Ranger 900

Getting the light mounted was a snap. The mounts will rotate forward and backwards 180º offering you multiple mounting options. The wiring simply could not be easier! It was all pretty much plug and play with only two connections that required a wrench to attach. Included in the kit is a rubber-shielded push button on/off switch that resists water and is easily attached most anywhere with a simple piece of two-sided tape. Installation could not have been easier!

So how do they work?

The PIAA LP 570 LED light are so bright you will have to use caution so small animals don't ignite when they run out in front of you! OK so I may be exaggerating slighting on this however I will say these lights literal turn darkness to daylight. Without a doubt the PIAA 570 light are the brightest lights we have ever tested. I took nearly 30 pictures for this article and none do justice to the brightness of these lights. Couple that with PIAA's world famous reputation for extreme high quality and these light are tough to beat! Oh and did i mention these super bright lights only draw 1.5 amps each! Now that is what I'm talking about. These light will work just fine on most any utility ATV or UTV with no dreaded charging system issues. We ran our 2013 Ranger 900 for over two hours of trail riding with the PIAA lights on along with the Ranger light with no issue what so ever!

Overall Thoughts

At a sizable 7-3/16" diameter these lights are large and this will tend to limit mounting locations on most ATVs and UTVs but if you make room for them you will be glad you did! Night riding is a whole lot more fun when you can see what's in front of you. The LP 570 light kit will you a bright white light that will illuminate even the darkest of trails to a near sun-glass needed level of brightness. PIAA lighting of any kind is not cheap. But with PIAA you get what you pay for and the LP 570's are no exception. High quality, super bright and an amazingly low amp draw make these lights a true winner in our book!.PIAA LP 570 High Intensity LED Driving Lamps Review By Rex Ostrander of

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