PIAA's 570 LED's Blind The Competition In Overland Journal's LED Lighting Test

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In a request from Overland Journal’s Chris Collard, PIAA submitted their 570 LED lamps to be tested against the industry’s competition. The result; Two awards for the PIAA 570 LED’s, one the Editor’s Choice Award and the other was the Value Award.

From the multitude of tests that Overland Journal performed, the PIAA 570’s separated themselves from the pack in beam pattern, intensity, color temperature, beam reach and a handful of other durability tests.   PIAA’s

LED Technology
When PIAA went to the drawing board with their LED lights, they wanted to revolutionize the LED world by not using standard LED technology. Thus PIAA’s Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) was born. PIAA’s design of advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT) allows the rearward-facing 5-watt LED bulbs to project off the finely tuned reflector for a precise beam pattern, which in turn leads to improved long-range sighting and visibility during nighttime driving. The RFT also serves to maximize the output of the lamps’ LED bulbs. The result: fewer bulbs are needed to achieve better overall brilliance and illumination. Having fewer LEDs means less heat and lower power consumption. Each PIAA 570LED lamp has two 5-watt high output LED bulbs and an 8 watt circuit board. For two lamps the total draw at 12 volts is only 3 amps.
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