Pastrana Flies Into 2nd Place In First Rally Back

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#199 Team of Pastrana and Beavis
The #199 Subaru WRX STI with Travis Pastrana and Co-Driver Chrissie Beavis drove a near flawless race to put themselves on the podium for Pastrana's first race back in almost four years. The #199 car battled through injury and a packed field to climb the podium once again. Travis Pastrana recently broke his leg and dislocated his ankle during his Nitro Circus live tour. With a pretty sturdy brace and some much needed ice, Pastrana was able to hit fast marks stage after stage. Eventually propelling him into a 2nd place overall finish behind Ken Block.

#75 Team of Higgins and Drew
David Higgins and Craig Drew had a mechanical failure that kept them off the podium for their first time in 22 consecutive races. A major feat for any professional racer, and a testament to the team. Higgins was in 2nd place overall when the failure stopped them on stage 9.

 #425 Team of Yeoman and Schulze
 The FY Racing team piloted by Yeoman and Schulze battled hard fought race to round out the podium in a solid 3rd place. With the new "rabbit" starting position, Adam Yeoman was able to stay out front in the clean air and bring the car in cleanly for a podium finish. The 2014 Rally America Series continues with the Oregon Trail Rally at the end of April. Hope to see you there!

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