The Truck Hero GMC 1500 Severely Needed New Wipers

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Truck Hero GMC1500

It all started when the guys from Truck Hero dropped of their 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 for a top secret photo shoot that could rival Area 51 security. We had one of those overcast and drizzly Portland days and immediately found a glaring issues with this rig. The stock wiper blades were positively awful; almost more harmful that running no wipers.

So a quick u-turn and we were headed back to the shop where we ripped the stock wipers off as quickly as we could. After a prompt cleaning we applied our proprietary windshield prep pack and installed our flat-blade Si-Tech Silicone wiper blades. We were back on the road feeling safer and clearly seeing the safety benefits. 

Si-Tech on Vehicle

Windshield wipers in general, have not had major innovations for umpteen years until we came along and decided to shake things up. Our wiper blades feature a Silicone-infused wiper blade that stands up to all weather conditions much better than a standard rubber blade, while giving drivers years of service;  not months like most of our competition.  

In addition to durability, our Silicone technology creates a hydrophobic barrier on the windshield that repels water, dirt, snow, ice, pretty much whatever nature throws at you off the windshield with ease. All these advantages make PIAA wipers blades the highest performing blades on the market. 

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