PIAA High Performance Silicone Wiper Blades

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PIAA has provided high performance Silicone wiper blades to the automotive aftermarket industry since 1984. PIAA silicone wipers have the perfect combination of design and quality components that ensure maximum performance in any weather condition.

The silicone wiper inserts of all PIAA Wipers are constructed from a patented Silicone infused rubber. With every wipe, the windshield is coated with water repellent silicone solution. This coating lowers the surface tension between the water and the windshield, allowing the rain to bead up and be wiped away streak-free with no noise or chatter. Not only do they have excellent performance, but the silicone rubber stands up to the elements much better than traditional rubber. This dramatically increases the life of the wiper. All PIAA Silicone Wiper Blades come with a silicone solution prep-pack that thoroughly cleans the windshield. The silicone prep-pad also consists of the same silicone solution that is embedded into the silicone rubber that promotes water beading and decreases surface tension, for maximum streak free operation.

PIAA has developed this great invention and made it into the best wiper blades on the market. The following are the features that make this tool a must have for most car owners:

1. Tough all season performance, in all kinds of weather conditions.

2. They have a low profile, aerodynamic design to give it a firm and strong architecture.

3. The Si-Tech Blades have a unique frame less design that comes in handy, especially in the winter season to help eliminate snow and ice build-up.

4. Have enough pressure points to keep the blades firmly planted against the windshield.

5. All PIAA wiper blades have a silicone coated wiper inserts that enables it to provide quiet, streak free wiping for a long period of time.

6. This wiper blade has a wide variety of applications.

PIAA has years of experience that have enabled them to create cutting edge and unique wiper blades that are better than your ordinary basic wiper blades. They have designed many different types of blades to suit a wide variety of vehicles. The Aero Vogue is one of them. This is one of the most technological advanced wiper blades to come to the automotive market. The Aero Vogue has a wind-cheating aero cover that effectively produces maximum down force on the windshield, while tiny air ducts in the cover allows wind to pass through the blade; thus preventing wind lift at higher speeds. Pair that with the silicone rubber inserts and you have a wiper blade that will keep your windshield clean in the harshest environments.

These PIAA wipers are built for maximum use and with the following fitting tips you will be assured of durability, and performance.

1. Make sure to clean the window thoroughly.

2. Apply provided PIAA silicone prep-pack solution to the windshield.

3. After installation make sure to run the blades on a dry windshield for 5 minutes to maximize the coating process.

4. Always after washing, run the blades again after the windshield has dried to re-apply the silicone coating.

If you follow these simple steps you will be ensured that the fitting is okay and that the wiper blades will be working effectively for your vehicle with increased longevity.

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