Xtreme Performance & Bulb Life.

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Improving night time safety at the wheel just got easier on the wallet. The new Xtreme White Hybrid bulbs from PIAA provide great performance gains over stock bulbs with extended bulb life. Constructed utilizing features from the Xtreme White Plus and Night Tech lines, these Hybrid bulbs provide high output and reliability that today’s drivers demand.

We often get questions on why we don’t have very blue or even purple colored outputs for our bulbs. Our answer comes down to the human body. What we mean by that is the range of light on the Kelvin Color Scale beyond white into violet called ultraviolet is very short range focusing color. So, when using very blue or purple lighting, the further the objects are from your eyes the fuzzier they will get.

Xtreme White Bulbs Output

For instance, if you light something with a blue light and try to focus on it you will see a blurry aura around it. Filtering the blue out on the same object going to a pure white, the glaring effect will be drastically reduced allowing for betting definition of the object. Blue light that goes over 6700k in color has been determined to be 46% more glaring that pure white that ranges from 3900k to 6000k.

We landed on the 3900k color temperature to get the most performance with as little as little light loss as possible. That’s why the Xtreme White Hybrid bulbs are engineered with newly-developed bulb coatings to provide a much brighter and whiter beam than stock bulbs. The Hybrid bulbs give the user more contrast and brighter down road illumination allowing you to see farther for greater safety and comfort.

Xtreme White Bulbs Output Acura

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