Upgrade your horn, be safe and save face.

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It all could have been avoided by having a sufficient horn.

Imagine sitting at a red light in a hurry to make your next and most important appointment of your day. Meanwhile the driver in front of you is more focused on their shiny new phone than the world around them. The light turns green and not the slightest movement. You give a quick couple beeps with your dainty little horn, which not only embarrasses you but does nothing to alert the driver in front of you. You then lay on the horn just as the light turns yellow and the car in front speeds through the light to leave you at the red again.
Fast forward; you end up missing your meeting, losing your job, your house and your significant other leaves you for your boss and you end up on skid row. Just to think, all this could have been avoided by installing one of PIAA’s Performance horns and easily alerting that driver in front of you at the light.Okay, a little dramatic but I'll get on with the benefits of a performance horn!

PIAA’s line of high performance horns are a massive step up from the stock ones on your vehicle. They not only outperform your stock horn in sound output, but there are three different, distinctive tones to choose from to suit your specific needs. All PIAA horns only pull around 2.7 amps per horn. This means no crazy wiring or adding a fuse to do, just simply remove and throw away your stock ones and hook the power and ground to your new PIAA horns.

Replacing the embarrassing squeaky stock horn is as simple as undoing a few bolts. First you remove the power from your factory horns, then remove the mounting bolts and throw the horns in the trash. Once you have properly disposed of the stock horns you can now step up to a suitable sounding horn that induces terror rather than laughter.

Upgrading your vehicle’s horn is one of the best and cheapest safety upgrades you can do to your car. Wimpy high-pitched horns aren’t nearly as disruptive when you need to alert other drivers that you’re in their blind spot or the light is green So, to save some face, avoid missing a life-changing meeting and choose from one of our horns below:

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