The PIAA Advantage

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What makes PIAA different from the competition?

Well, the devil is in the details as they say. We work very hard and spend tremendous amounts of time and money to test and fine tune our products to make sure they will perform as expected for every driver and rider, every time. This dedication to achieve great lighting performance is what separates us from our competitors who might not have the time, resources, knowledge or will to go that extra mile.

Not many people know that it takes a tremendous amount of development to achieve SAE and ECE (E Code) compliance. Our dedication to compliance ensures that drivers who choose PIAA are getting a product that not only performs, but is safe to use on the road.

Why are PIAA lights so expensive?

We admit, PIAA lights aren't the cheapest lights on the market. We strive to use only the finest quality of components available to ensure top performance and consistency. All our products are assembled by hand by qualified staff. Therefore, most of the cost of our products is dictated by materials and the rest is made up of the sophisticated R&D work, extensive testing and other general expenses that all businesses must face.

Also, we make sure that you have everything you need to safely install the components on your vehicle, and this includes a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay, fuse, and switch.

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