The Bar Has Been Raised by the PIAA G3 LED Bulbs

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PIAA unveils the new G3 LED bulbs, the most usable LED upgrade on the market. After months of research and development to find shortfalls with other bulbs on the market, the wait is over for customers to be provided with immense light output.

Developed from the ground up to provide the most useful bulb upgrade on the market, these bulbs are engineered with Pulse Width Modulation control which eliminates flickering in most vehicle applications. The G3 is fitted with new higher output CREE XP-L chips which sit on a much thinner bulb column that brings the LED chips closer to the placement of a halogen filament. This innovative design produces continuous light output with little to no dark areas in virtually any housing.

By re-designing the cooling fan, PIAA engineers were able to reduce fan noise by 20% while keeping the LED chips running at maximum capacity. Tailored with OE plugs for easy installation, the G3 bulbs offer stunning capabilities to deliver enormous light gains and driver safety in any driving condition.

  • Pulse width modulation eliminates flickering for most applications
  • Adjustable beam to fine-tune alignment for precise optical outputs
  • 5-year warranty that’s engineered for long lasting performance
  • Plug and play design comes with OE connectors for a quick and easy installation
  • Powerful cooling capacity for maximum brightness throughout the bulb life
  • Higher output CREE XP-L LEDs with wider viewing angle and thinner circuit board
  • 6200k cool white color output to maximize performance and contrast.


Bulb Types: H4, H8. H9, H11, H16, 9005, 9006, 9012

Coming Soon: H7 and H13

Starting at: $229.95

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