PIAA LEDs Chosen on Oakley Canada Vehicle Fleet

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Driver Side

Without question, action sport brand Oakley keeps their image on point 24/7 and stays authentic with their brands discerning consumer. In 2015, it came time for Oakley to refresh their fleet of Ford F350 trucks and event trailers in Canada. Oakley Canada decided on a Baja platform for the look.


To match the stance of the truck, the art design needed to be subtle while incorporating complex textures. To achieve this, the 54blue team designed the print using only white and black. 54blue printed white ink for the hand drawn original eyewear sketches and striped gradients. Enriched black gloss block and stripe effects contrast against the white printed elements to make it all pop. This was printed on carefully selected 3M ultra matte black media. White logo di-cuts were added to finish off the unique textured look.