PIAA Brings Their Legendary Performance Inside Your Vehicle.

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So, you’ve finally realized that the interior bulbs in your car leave you squinting or searching for the cell phone light to still get a clear view of paperwork or to find the item you just dropped on the floor board. There is a ton of benefits to upgrading your vehicle lighting to LEDs, but a specific benefit to upgrading the interior 168/T10 bulbs is a much more vibrant, clean light output compared to the yellowish halogens.

PIAA LED Wedge Comparison

Wedge style LED bulbs come in an array of colors, but in our extensive research we have found that the 6000k crisp white output provide the best balance of performance on color. The color range also provides a premium look to your cars interior for that high end custom look.

PIAA LED Wedge Bulbs PIAA LED 168 Bulbs

Now you’ve made the wise decision to upgrade the interior bulb of your car to the new PIAA LED bulbs. Installing the PIAA 168 LED wedge bulbs are a simple task that doesn’t require much time, experience, special tools. Most vehicles utilize a clear plastic lens over the wedge bulbs that are held in place by screws or clips on the lens to hold it in place. In both cases, installation only requires a small flat head screw driver to unscrew or gently pry the lens off. These LED bulbs are polarity free meaning either way you install the bulbs it will close the circuit and work. Upgrading your car's interior lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to improve visibility and add style to your vehicle.

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