PIAA Brightens Pickup Headlights with Night Tech Bulbs

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A quick review from Bruce Smith at www.hardworkingtrucks.com

If your work truck headlight’s effectiveness leave a lot to be desired, PIAA Corporation’s advanced-technology Night-Tech replacement bulbs are a sure way to brighten up the road. PIAA’s SAE/DOT-compliant 9007 and H13 Halogen bulbs provide 90-percent more light than OE bulbs thanks to Night-Tech science.

Night-Tech bulbs are made with an exclusive blend of gases with a proportionally higher level of inert gases, encased in a rugged glass enclosure.

A special aerospace alloy filament material and shape, along with proprietary dual band bulb coatings, also contribute to the performance and longevity advantages of these bulbs compared to other designs.

This translates into an increase in illumination range of as much as a hundred feet/35 meters compared with conventional bulbs.

PIAA Night-Tech bulbs produce light in the 3600 Kelvin range. This color temperature affords whiter illumination than conventional bulbs, while retaining SAE/DOT approval.

More information on Night Tech Halogen Bulbs: http://www.piaa.com/store/pg/44-night-tech-halogen-bulb.aspx

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