PIAA Back-Up Lights

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A back-up light kit isn’t always the first thing you think about when it comes to auxiliary lighting decisions, until you need them that is. If you’ve ever had to navigate your van or truck backwards in a tight space or hitch up your trailer in the dark you know what we’re talking about. And don’t forget trying to back-up your UTV in the pitch black expanse of the dunes.

That’s why we designed the compact RF3 LED cube lights and LP530 LED round lights to look and work seamlessly as reverse lights. The RF3 and LP530 flood patterns provide width and distance to illuminate obstacles in every direction, helping you avoid the looming crunch of your bumper meeting your neighbor’s car, that lone poll in the parking lot, or your trailer hitch that still looked a full foot away.

The 6000k color temperature of the RF3 and 4000k temperature of the LP530 provides better color contrast and overall visibility compared to the dull yellow output from stock backup lights. This makes a huge difference when using a back-up camera to avoid heavy screen pixilation and poor visibility in the dark.

Both lights utilize Reflector Facing Technology to keep power consumption low, giving you greater output and beam control without over taxing your electrical system. The low power draw is particularly beneficial for the smaller batteries in UTV's.

The compact size and versatile mounting options make RF3 and LP530 backup lights perfect for attaching to the underside of your bumper, hitch, or on the bars of a UTV. Both kits include a wiring harness and instructions for easy installation.

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