BMW R NineT Build Update: VIDEO

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The guys over at Old School Engineering have been hard at work since receiving their BMW R nineT in June. Then again, being tasked with turning the stock BMW into a one of a kind custom sidecar by October doesn’t leave much time to mess around.

If you’re unfamiliar with the project, here’s a quick recap: Old School Engineering, a French garage specializing in custom motorcycles, was awarded a brand new BMW R nineT to bring their concept to life. The build will turn the stock bike into an old school sidecar scrambler with a host of aftermarket add-ons, including PIAA LP530 and LP560 LED lights. For a full run down of the project’s history, click here.

If you’re up to speed, watch as the team strips the bike down to its core and begins fabrication on the new components, including installation of the sidecar! (We don’t understand French either but watching a bike being built is a universal language)

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