A Stellar Racing Season For Subaru Rally Team USA

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The season was another to remember for Subaru Rally Team USA and one of their leading sponsors, PIAA. Much of the earlier action leading up to the win at LSPR took place at the Susquehanna Trail Rally.

The action rally took place in Germania, Pennsylvania, at the Susquehanna Trail Rally. Higgins and Drew lead the Subaru Rally Team USA and they were set on a victory. Already the team had two consecutive Rally America National Championships, and they looked poised to take a third as well.

Things got off to a rocky start on the first day when mechanical problems sidelined the team. Since the car wasn’t able to be repaired, and due to the time penalty, the team dropped from 2nd place all the way down to 21st, a devastating blow and not the way the team wanted to start the race.

Higgins and Drew started the next day with a mission: to reclaim as much lost ground from the day before as possible. It would prove to be an uphill battle, but one the men didn’t shy away from. Because the rest of the teams were racing at the top of the course and Subaru Rally Team USA was just fighting to get up the hill, it meant they had the course to themselves. If they were going to get back on top, now would be the time to do it.

They put the pedal to the metal and set out to get it done. Things got dicey at one point when they drove off the track, but luckily they were able to get back on the road quickly. Just a few feet extra in both directions and their day would have been over.

Their efforts were successful. They managed to reclaim 13 spots during the day, getting to the 8th spot overall. It was a testament to the men’s skills and determination that they were able to overcome such a devastating setback so quickly.

By the time the team started on Stage 12 they had their eyes on taking the 5th spot, something that seemed within their reach. The men know what they have to do and did it. The next stages went by quickly and Higgins and Drew win 5 of the 8.

By the time the second day is finishing up news arrives of how the team has performed. No one denies that they had an uphill battle, going from the No. 3 spot all the way to No. 21. Most in the crowd thought it impossible for the team to rally.

But that’s exactly what Subaru Rally Team USA did. Through sheer will, grit, and determination the men managed to claw their way back onto the podium, finishing the day out in the No. 3 spot. It was an incredible feat of racing!

X-Games in Munich

The next race took place in Munich, Germany, for the X-Games. What made the race so difficult was that it was back-to-back with a canceled Barcelona race, meaning there’d be a double-header. That’s tough both on the cars and the drivers, and ensures that the prize is anyone’s to take.

The race was going well, and looked in the bag, until just 3 turns from the finish. Subaru Rally Team USA’s car got spun around when hit from behind. The team would have taken 4th place, but instead they didn’t finish. The only consolation was that the offending car was disqualified, although that didn’t make too many people feel better at the time.

It was a minor setback, and one that didn’t dampen the amazing finish the team had in the national championship.

PIAA Sponsorship

At PIAA Corporation we’re proud to be sponsoring these great Subaru racing teams. We manufacture only the best racing lights and racing professionals all agree they’re top of the line. Footage of the Susquehanna Trail Rally that the team took part in will show how important those headlights were.

The team didn’t get up to Stage 12 of the race until well after dark. While it’s true that much of that part of the course had large flood lights, any driver can tell you those alone aren’t enough. The PIAA headlight bulbs and high performance lights that the team had enabled them to drive flat out in the darkness with safety and confidence.

PIAA's lighting products aren’t confined to the race course, either. Our lenses are computer designed to withstand the rough and tumble road conditions that you’ll find on the Rally America National Championship circuit. But they’re also designed to get you to and from your destination safely and effectively. After all, if one of the leading race teams in America uses them during grueling racing conditions, shouldn’t you be as well?

Check out the complete line of PIAA light kits, bulbs, silicone wiper blades, and more. There’s no better way for your car to race into tomorrow!

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