Super Tenere

The Super Tenere, Yamaha's latest adventure bike, just got better with the addition of PIAA's new LP530 LED Driving Lights. The 1200cc Twin is perfect for short spirited jaunts around town and can just as easily be ridden as a long-distance touring motorcycle. PIAA recognized the versatility and appeal of the Tenere and developed a Vehicle Specific Kit for mounting our new 530 LED Drivings lights with RFT Technology.

Unlike most LED motorcycle light kits currently on the market that position the diode aimed forward, PIAA's LP530 aims the LED backwards at the reflector. The new orientation of the light source allows for better beam control and higher output than the conventional layout. Combining the high output LED with a computer designed multi-surface reflector gives a true high performance driving pattern that outshines the competition. All of this with the additional benefit of a lightweight, durable lamp that requires a fraction of the power used by a comparable halogen lamp.

Yamaha Super Tenere VSK LP530 LED Driving Light Kit

Kit Part # 77302

  • 2 LP530 LED driving lamps
  • 2 Yamaha Tenere mounting brackets and hardware
  • 1 Pre-wired harness which includes relay and switch
  • Installation instructions