• Two LEDs running at total 9.3W for low power draw
  • Reflector Facing Technology puts more light where the driver needs it
  • 6000K White Color Temperature to replicate daylight
  • SAE Compliant Long Range Driving beam pattern for superior visibility
  • 10G vibration validated to withstand the most rugged terrain

LP270 2.75" LED Driving Light Kit, SAE Compliant

The new PIAA LP270 LED Driving light kit offers the beam control of a halogen light with the low power consumption and durability of an LED light. As a light source LED's offer several advantages over their halogen counterparts including very low power consumption, compact size and durability. Unlike most LED lights currently on the market that position the LED aimed straight out forward, the LP270 Lights aim the LEDs at the reflector. This new orientation of the light source allows for far better beam control and output than the conventional layout and will not blind others on the road.

PIAA’s advanced Reflector Facing Technology (RFT)

PIAA wanted to perfect LED lighting when we designed rearward-facing bulbs and new “first-in-the-industry” reflector technology. The innovative design offers significantly improved lighting and beam control compared to conventional LED and halogen lamps with forward-facing bulbs. The result is greater visibility for drivers.

Key to achieving these performance advantages is PIAA’s advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT). PIAA’s exclusive computer-designed, multi-surface reflector concentrates and focuses the beam pattern of the rearward-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward-facing LED lamps. RFT is featured in PIAA’s LP Series and RF Series LED lights.

Both series of PIAA LED lamps provide brilliant illumination, but with lower power consumption than conventional LED and halogen lamps. They light the road with brilliant cobalt-blue color that is clearly visible to oncoming traffic, providing an added measure of driving safety. The lamps are compact and durable, with the cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses.

PIAA LED RFT Technology » More Light Per-Watt Than The Competition
» Focused Beam Pattern in fog or driving
» Maximizes Light to Conserve Amp Draw
» More Light Where You Need It

LP270 2.75" LED Driving Light Kit, SAE Compliant

  • Two Lights
  • Wiring Harness
  • Relay
  • Switch
  • Installation Instructions
Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

Installed on a Ducati ST4S: Let there be light!

<p>The headlight system on this Ducati is particularly poor. I read on line how other owners have enhanced their lighting. The design does not lend itself to bulb exchange with HID or diode lighting. To make matters worse, one can not even change a bulb on this bike without several hours of work to remove portions of the front fairing. I decided to leave the fairing alone and use auxiliary lighting. I chose to mount the lights on the side of the fairing. No drilling was necessary as I made some custom parts on my lathe and used the fairing mount and 6mm hardware already on the bike. On Ducati, yellow wires are 12 volts. I tapped into the tail light wiring for control voltage to the relay as this was really easy to find and simple to hook up. I have a stable mount with light enough to actually ride the bike at night now.</p>

Attaching the Lights

  • Vibration%20rating
  • Visbility%21
  • Expensive
<p>I ordered specifically for the Suzuki V-Strom and read that the product comes ready to fit 80 models of bikes..</p><p>Alas, the actual product has a few bolts and suggest the lights are installed on the fork just above the wheel axle.</p>


These are amazing LED lights.

<p>Like all things PIAA - these LED lights are amazing. I preferred to mount them inside the leading edge of the fairing of my BMW R1200RT. I couldn't find a bracket that set up the same way I had with the PIAA 1100X halogen. These lights are larger so I fabricated a brace between the old brackets from a rectangular aluminum bar found at the local hardware store. The lights are hung from the rectangular bracing bar that's installed across the inside of the fairings just under the oil cooler. The lights are too heavy to mount to the inside of the plastic fairing so the brace provided a rock solid solution with no vibration. An available fork mount is a great solution but I like this more customized look. These are high quality well built lights - perfect for night driving and daytime safety!</p>

District of Columbia

LED running lights

The lights kick ass. They are so much more useful than the PIAA halogens I had before. My only concern is that the body is fairly heavy and seems to accentuate vibrations from road uneveness. Not sure if this will be an issue down the road, but so far I really like the performance.