Bulbs are larger than stock, please check clearance and fitment before purchase. On some models, bulb dust cover may not be used. Check Dimensions Here

  • Pulse width modulation control eliminates flickering for most applications
  • Adjustable beam to fine-tune alignment for precise optical outputs
  • 5-year warranty that’s engineered for long lasting performance
  • Plug and play design comes with OE connectors for a quick and easy installation
  • Powerful cooling capacity for maximum brightness throughout the bulb life
  • Higher output CREE XP-L LEDs with wider viewing angle and thinner circuit board
  • 6200k cool white color output to maximize output and contrast in dark climates
  • Additional capacitors may be required on some vehicles to ensure full power at turn on and eliminate flickering and error codes
  • Does not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108.

Water and Dust Proof

Instant On - No Warm Up Time

Extreme Temperature Tested

Bulbs are larger than stock, please check clearance and fitment before purchase. On some models, bulb dust cover may not be used.

G3 H11 LED Bulb Twin Pack

The new line of G3 LED bulbs brings performance and quality not seen before on the automotive market. The G3 LED bulbs use the new, higher output CREE XP-L chips that have a wider viewing angle than the current Performance LED bulbs. In addition, the LED chips sit on a thinner board that places the light source more toward the center of the column to replicate the precise location of a standard halogen filament. The combination of these two innovative designs, allows the G3 LEDs to increase beam intensity and provide continuous light distribution throughout the beam. A newer controller addresses Pulse Width Modulation to prevent flickering or hyper flashing for most vehicles.
Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications.
Does not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108.
Is not CANbus compatible
  • 2 G3 LED Bulbs
  • 2 Controller Modules
  • Installation Instructions
Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

Crisp clear white light. Fast service.

Well, damn!!

  • All of them.
  • None that I can see so far.
Theses are absolutely stunning to behold. Outstanding build quality, truly plug-n-play, and have a "factory led" look as well. I know there's way cheaper leds on Amazon; but there's guys are in a league of their own. Especially considering, they come with a five year warranty to boot! The fans are whisper-quiet, and seem to do an adequate job keeping the leds within acceptable temperatures. I bought them......I think you should too. Take care!

Wall, NJ

Piaa g3 led

Hi.. Put the G3 led in my 2017 accord sport... Work unreal. Difference is Night and Day!
Great product. Can see 10x Better!PIAA😊


5th Gen. ToyotaTrail 4R

  • Price
Awesome upgrade to the 4Runners low lumen/lux output! Wider viewing angle and definitely throws light further down the road; I’m able to see street signs at nearly double the distance compared to OEM lights. I can see pedestrians crossing the street at (in my opinion) greater than double the distance compared to OEM. Vertical cutoff line is very close to factory, if not the same. All observations mentioned above were made on country roads where no street lights were present. However, in traffic or where street lights were present, I did expect to be much brighter than other vehicles or the LED street lights but felt slightly blended with those light sources. In my opinion, the fact that the 4R has projector assembly headlights AND the G3 projects light in a wider viewing angle as well as distance the beam could be focused higher rather than lower towards the road in front of me which makes this visibility blended. Bottom line, could have been a 5 star rating if it were about $40-$50 cheaper.


A must have!

No words to describe those LEDs very bright and awesome when it's light up