800 H.I.D. Single Lamp - Long Range Driving

Working with WRC Rally race teams PIAA has designed a super high performance H.I.D. lamp. At about 7-1/2” in diameter the 800 H.I.D. is the largest lamp available from PIAA. Using a clear, non-fluted glass lens a computer designed multi surface reflector and a high output H.I.D. bulb this new lamp produces a driving beam that has no equal for high speed off road racing. The housing is sturdy stamped steel with chrome trim and a high strength, adjustable stud mounting system.

Each lamp comes pre-assembled with one H.I.D. ballast and a wiring harness ready for a two-lamp system.

Kit includes:

1 - 08002 Lamps with HID Ballast

1 - 34035 HID Wire Harness

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
Springville, IA

You want the best? These ARE the best...

  • Turns night driving into daytime driving
  • -May have to purchase new sunglasses...
Super bright, at least 1.5 miles of highway illumination.
-Oncoming drivers that display their "high beams" (even on a four lane highway) shut them off QUICKLY!