Bulbs are larger than stock, please check clearance and fitment before purchase. On some models, bulb dust cover may not be used. Check Dimensions Here

  • Upgrade to the modern look of LED
  • Instant On - No warm-up time
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Sharp cut line to minimize glare
  • Adjustable base positions bulb perfectly
  • Chip placement maximizes stock housing
  • 9-16v operating range
  • Re-use original rubber dust cap
  • High and Low Beam Operation
  • Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications.
  • Does not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108.

Cooling Fan

Water and Dust Proof

Instant On - No Warm Up Time

Extreme Temperature Tested

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Bulbs are larger than stock, please check clearance and fitment before purchase. On some models, bulb dust cover may not be used.

9005 (HB3) High Output LED Bulbs 6000k Twin Pack

PIAA's new LED performance bulbs will give your vehicle a premium look while providing more performance compared to your stock halogen bulb.

Designed with an adjustable LED chip position, these bulbs maximize the factory housing and reflector. Our R&D team spent countless hours testing chip positioning requirements of hundreds of housings to produce a product will provide a sharp cut line so glare is minimized and output is directed where you need it the most.

These bulbs install directly in place of your stock bulbs with no rewiring, splicing or soldering needed and they require up to 55% less energy than OE bulbs.

Our LED replacement bulbs feature dual alloy aluminum and copper construction and an electronic fan to keep the circuit board cool and maximize life.

  • Upgrade to the modern look of LED
  • Perfect fitment, easily replaces old halogen bulbs
  • Simple Plug and Play design
  • Adjustable base allows LED to be positioned for optimal output in a variety of housings
  • Instant On - No warm-up time
  • 6000K color temperature
  • OK for use in projectors
  • 9V to 16V operating range
  • Waterproof driver and connectors
  • Lifespan more than 30,000 hrs
Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications.
Does not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108.
Is not CANbus compatible

PIAA 6000k LED Performance Bulbs

  • 2 Bulbs
  • 2 Controller Modules
  • 1 Hex Wrench
  • 6 Zip Ties
Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
Salem, OR

These PIAA Performance LEDs are PHENOMENAL!!! '15 Accord Hybrid Touring & '17 Ridgeline

<p>These PIAA Performance LEDs are PHENOMENAL!!! The absolute best lighting / “bulbs” money I’ve ever invested (and that is saying a lot as I’ve had 33 vehicles in my young 48 years with bulb replacements and added auxiliary light kits on almost every vehicle). ;-)</p><p>The best “stock” headlights I’ve ever had (by a long shot) are the Quad LED Projectors that are in my current 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid (HAH) Touring model. Again, these are NOT the ‘Jewel’ LEDs, like Acura has on newer models and/or the 2017 HAH Touring or 2016 Civic Touring models.</p><p>Anyway, the only halogen bulbs that were on my ’15 HAH Touring, was the High Beam 9005/HB3 which I’d originally replaced with some PIAA Extreme White #19615 (which PIAA bulbs have always been much better than stock…and for me, an automatic replacement whenever I bought a vehicle).</p><p>Well, now that I’ve added the PIAA Performance LEDs Part #17201 to replace those only halogens left…they are simply AMAZING on High Beam, too…UNBELIEVABLY a 1,000% better again when on High Beam. They are just GREAT…a person will NOT be disappointed!??So now, I’m going to show my age a lil’ ;-) …before these new PIAA LEDs…the very best after market lighting that I’d ever added to a vehicle was the Original PIAA Pro 90’s w/120W Driving Lights & 85W Fog Projector Lamps (on our ’97 Dodge Cummins Extra Cab). And I have to admit that these new LED’s when in High Beam on our HAH Touring (and Low Beam Projectors on my wife’s Ridgeline mentioned below) are very similar to what I remember getting out of the ole PIAA Pro 90’s (VERY IMPRESSIVE).??Sooooo, I just added two (2) sets of PIAA LED’s to my wife’s New 2017 Honda Ridgeline RT-S, stock Low Beam Projectors and the stock Fog Lights.</p><p>I just cannot say enough about these PIAA Performance LEDs, both the 17201 on the HAH Touring, and the two (2) sets of 17201s on the Ridgeline. Again, these have made the Ridgeline’s lighting AMAZING…I am dead serious…the difference in Honda’s Low Beam Projectors with “yellowy” stock H11’s and the stock Fog Lights w/H8’s compared with these PIAA LED’s is like NIGHT and DAY…there really is no comparison (and nobody is flashing me with either the Accord or Ridgeline, but I am very conscious about lowering my High Beams, too…otherwise someone would be saying, “Cheese”). :-)</p><p>The only thing that could make these PIAA LED’s any better…would be if PIAA could somehow make them still work in low voltage scenarios (like Daytime Running Lights DLR)…as my wife’s Ridgeline is NOT the top of the line version w/LED DLR (her Ridgeline uses the High Beam at lower voltage for DLR’s…so I put the PIAA Extreme White 9005/HB3 #19615 that I’d just taken out of my HAH Touring into the Ridgeline…so, the Ridgeline is not as spectacular on High Beams…BUT AGAIN, a MASSIVE improvement with the PIAA LEDs in the Projectors and Fogs, MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT!!! :-)</p><p>A person simply gets what you pay for…again, these are worth every penny!!! :-)</p>

2016 ram 1500 with projector headlight


Got these for my 2016 ram 1500 with projector headlight. They work great and look great. No bulb out warning light. Had to do minor fabrication to headlight housing rear cover for clearance. The fan on the back is bigger than expected but easily remedied. Look like oem led lights.