PIAA’s Shock Lamps feature an internal ballast, unmatched durability, and legendary PIAA H.I.D. Illumination. These lamps are engineered to perform anywhere, at any time, and in any conditions.

H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps:

PIAA HID lamps have race proven performance and durability. Combined with industry leading technology and state of the art components, is why PIAA leads the industry in HID products. The bulbs provide a crisp 4000 kelvin (pure white) rating to provide you with the most light output possible.

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RS600 HID Shock Single Lamp
Item #: 8006 | 78006 -
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Item #: 8006 | 78006 -

    RS600 HID Shock Single LampYou enjoy traveling your favorite back roads and the adventure of making new ones. Well, no matter where you roam, on road or off, PIAA RS600 H.I.D. shock lights offer unmatched durability and optimum performance. These auxiliary lights are practically indestructible with their high impact-resistant polyamide housing, unbreakable polycarbonate hard clear-coated lens, and stout mounting system. PIAA RS600 H.I.D. shock lights feature fully integrated ballast and...

    800 H.I.D. Single Lamp - Long Range Driving
    Item #: 08002+34035 -
    Retail: $1,937.00
    Price: $499.00
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    Item #: 08002+34035 -

      800 H.I.D. Single Lamp - Long Range DrivingWorking with WRC Rally race teams PIAA has designed a super high performance H.I.D. lamp. At about 7-1/2” in diameter the 800 H.I.D. is the largest lamp available from PIAA. Using a clear, non-fluted glass lens a computer designed multi surface reflector and a high output H.I.D. bulb this new lamp produces a driving beam that has no equal for high speed off road racing. The housing is sturdy stamped steel with chrome trim and a high strength,...