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9007 (HB5) Night Tech Bulb 65/55w 3600K, Single Bulb <p>lights, lamps, bulbs, lamp, bulbs, headlights, light bulbs, led bulbs, led, led lights, hid , hid bulbs, hid lights, led lamps, low power lights, high lumen led, xenon bulbs, xenon lights, house lighting, car lighting, truck bulbs, SUV bulbs, low amp, motorcycle lights, led motorcycle bulbs, brake lights, </p>, piaa night tech, tech night, lighting, bulbs, lights bulbs, lamp, bulb, headlight
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Item #: 11727 -

    9007 (HB5) Night Tech BulbsHeadlight Bulb Replacement GuideThe Night-Tech line of high output replacement bulbs from PIAA features several advancements in performance, durability, and manufacturing. Through the use of a unique mix of gasses including a higher proportion of inert gasses as well as a new filament material these bulbs offer up to 90% more light than a conventional bulb with a greater life span. The gasses, filament material, and coatings on the bulbs offer a color temperature in...