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LP270 Ion Yellow 2.75" LED Driving Light Kit (22-73272)

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LP270 Ion Yellow 2.75" LED Driving Light Kit The new PIAA LP270 LED Driving light kit offers the beam control of a halogen light with the low power consumption and durability of an LED light. As a light source LED's offer several advantages over...
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Adds visibility, safety, and look great!

  • bright
  • visibility
  • quality
  • easy installation
  • great appearance
We've only had these a little over 2 weeks. We bought them for 2 reasons, 1) for increased visibility and safety while driving SoCal freeways routinely, and 2) for visibility on a tour we had in the works. We also needed to buy two PIAA Fork Mount Kit For LP270 / LP530 / RF3 Light Kit Size: M6 Bolt kits for the installation.

It's a no-brainer to try to be seen as much as possible while commuting, and these fit the bill.

We took our time with the installation of these, on 2 different bikes, BMW K1300S and F800GT. Happy to say that the kits fit both of them with only slight modification. We added 8 stainless steel 6mm washers to increase the proudness on the small fork standoffs for the F800, so there was no risk of panel contact to damage paint. The washers fit perfectly within the bolt hole, making a clean appearance. We also modified 3/16 x 1" SS fender washers (hogged out the center hole a bit) to give a better attachment plate on the inside of the light's bracket, as the supplied washer was not really acceptable. We used the longest bolts in both bolt kits for the best security. For the K1300, we used only 2 SS #12 flat washers inserted into the fork bolt hole attachment point along with the same shortest standoff, and the 2 hogged out 3/18 SS fender washers -- perfect!

Here's a BIG TIP, the little plastic panels on the light housing that you need to pry off to change attachment points onto the light itself? DON'T pry them off, if you can lift each enough, it will unscrew off, a lot easier to remove.

Fairly straight forward installation, the biggest task was just where to put all the extra wire length as neither of us was going to start cutting and splicing. I attached a terminal ring to the long hot lead that powered the switch so I could securely attach it to the battery positive terminal. I didn't use the included crimp attachment, nor tap them into a switched power lead. I can turn them on and off as desired.

Just DON'T forget to turn them off!!

Got everything in place, lightly tightened, wires in place, battery reconnected and push the button. WOW! Bright and super apparent! These REALLY increase the visibility of the bike and rider, if you miss seeing the motorcycle then it's because you are looking at your lap.

We used them on a 2k+ mile tour we just completed, and we felt very confident that the drivers around us were made aware of our approach due to the high visibility the lights provided. On more than one occasion I saw a car begin to pull out, only to pause and allow us to pass. They actually seem to wait longer than expected until we passed, so if that meant they saw us and waited for us, that's a good thing.

These stood up to the tour very well, and we hit miles and miles of road construction throughout Utah and Colorado, very rough conditions to endure, and lots of rain to boot. We powered them off through stretches of Utah where there was virtually nil traffic, but when we began scooping up vehicles, we powered these back on.

We are very pleased with our PIAA lights, and expect to enjoy them for quite a long while!

Reviews 1-1 of 1