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Silicone Wiper Refill 24"(600Mm) (94060)

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Silicone Wiper Refill 24"(600Mm) The wiper insert of all PIAA wiper blades is made of silicone rubber, which ensures greater visibility by coating the windshield with silicone to promote continuous water beading in inclement weather. Water beads up...
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Nice wiper blade but...

  • Silicone lasts long
  • Does not include a prep wipe pad
<p>I have these installed in a pair of PIAA wipers. Had to buy refills within about a year and a half which isn't bad. Now I am replacing the refills 6 months later. The only thing that was done differently was not using a prep pad because the refills do not come with them and no one carries them to purchase separately. I wish PIAA would include a new prep wipe with the refill so you can properly "break them in".</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1